Connection Conversation

Is coaching right for you? Are we an energetic match? It is my belief that we all need a coach in our life. But like most relationships, alignment is key.

This 30 minute FREE session will allow you to ask questions about coaching to see if it is the right tool for you to move your life forward. 

More importantly, it is a chance to ensure that you and I connect on a deeper level. 


Buddha Statue

Brave Life Blueprint

There is science behind the practice of writing down your goals. This workbook will help you recognize what is most important to you, create a goal around it, and design a plan for achieving it.

You will receive a printable copy of the workbook via email. Print it out, grab a pen, and take the first step in creating the life you dream of.




Rock in Sand

Energy Assessment (ELI)

This ELI assessment measures your energetic response not only throughout your average day, but also in stress situations.

Knowing how you react to stressors is the beginning of changing your mindset.

After you take the assessment we will spend 90 minutes unpacking the results and mapping out a plan to utilize this powerful information to transform your life.

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Single Session

Maybe you already know where you want to go but you don't know how to get there. You want to start a business, leave your

9-5, change the world, what? 

Achieving a goal sounds easy, but so often we gals find ourselves buried under stories we have built up in our heads, to the point, they have become our beliefs.


We start here; In order to change your life you have to change your mind.

During the 45 minute session we will work on a specific goal and you will walk away with an action plan that you create.

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Purple Buds

Mind Your Business

That business idea you have been brewing for a while now is ready to come to life but you don't know where to start. 

Or maybe you have started creating income on the side, but are ready to scale and move to the next level.

All the ideas are there, but there is more confusion than clear thought.

The fears and doubts are moving in.

And now you are stuck. 

Entrepreneurship takes a lot of courage and support. 

Work with me to uncover what's holding you back and put a solid plan in place to move to the next phase. 

Learning to MIND YOUR BUSINESS will help you start or scale your future.

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Two Dried Leaves

Transformation Packge

For those who are really ready to dive in and start making changes in their life. We will work together to discover your passion, remove blocks, and set a course for success.


I offer packages based on multiple 1 hour sessions, each with additional tools that will help you navigate the sometimes rough waters change and big goals can bring. 

Each package includes a FREE connection conversation to help determine which package

will benefit you the most.

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