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who am i?

I am a facilitator of Rebellious Agency!

A smudge of sage and a sprinkle of salt...

 I'm a coffee-drinking empty nester, a Mia (that's what the grandkids call me), a friend, a hippie, and a dog mom, and I'm probably a lot like you. I listen to music - a bit too loud, read books made of paper (not backlit by a screen), and believe that the rules of life can be found on the baseball field. I know my soul can heal where the sand meets the ocean.  


I did what I thought I was supposed to do; I got up and went to work. I raised the kids in the best way I knew how. I buried my mom. I paid my taxes. I said "hello" to my neighbors and returned my library books on time (mostly). And every day I wondered if this was all there was. Zero spark. Zero passion. I was stuck in my own, personal Grounhog's Day. I was afraid of doing anything even slightly different.


I asked myself the question many women ask themselves - is this all there is? - over and over and over and the ONLY answer I heard was, "yes".  Yes, this is all there is...

But then something changed -

On a rainy February evening after a day of staying in my pajamas, watching whatever reality show was on, I asked the question one more time - Is THIS all there is?

 I heard a voice whisper, "no."  It was barely audible, but I heard it. The more I listened, the louder the voice got. "There is more", I heard it say, "but you have to go find it." The voice, I soon realized, was the Sage in me, guiding me toward my future. The future included making scary, "what the hell am I doing" decisions, like enrolling in an intensive year-long coaching program. I knew if I was going to do this, if I was going to invest time, money, and energy, into coaching, I was going to do it with everything I had inside me. It was time.

Now I am here. As a facilitator of rebellious agency, I have found a place for my gifts. But gifts aren't enough. I have tools, training, and experiences that allow me to help other women find their way.  Whatever "way" they might need.  I work with women who just aren't sure where to start or what to do next and want someone to help them navigate the often-choppy waters that change and growth bring. 


I won't lie - this life overhaul that I experienced wasn't easy.  It took me 4 more years to gather the courage to leave the "safety" of my job. It took deep introspection and endless tears and dancing with doubt and fear. It took many hours of coaching with my own brilliant coach. It took conversing with my Sage and listening to the whispers of my ancestors. I knew I had a purpose to fulfill - to somehow show other women that change can happen, but you have to make a choice!


You have to believe in the power of your own choice - your own rebellious agency.

It's scary. I get it. It can be terrifying to find the courage to go outside the cushy, safe zone you have created for yourself. But you know what's even scarier? Not going outside. We all have a comfort zone. We have created those barriers and walls.  We have pushed right up to the boundary and then stopped pushing because we are afraid. 

There is magic inside all of us - The magic exists beyond that imaginary boundary in our minds. The magic of truly being YOU, the magic of creating a life you love, it's just on the other side of fear. Let's hang out. Let's talk about your hopes and dreams, and that audacious goal you have. Let's figure out why you aren't chasing those dreams and goals with every ounce of energy you have. Let's get deep in the messy feelings. Let's unearth the tangled roots of your stories, then nurture and replant them. Let's find YOUR TRUE NATURE!


                                                                                    What are you waiting for?

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