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mind your own business

Creating the right frame of mind to start or scale your own business.

Work at home

Is this you?


You have an idea inside you, dancing at the corners of your mind. An idea that brings a small smile to your tired eyes. An idea that gives you hope that you won't be stuck paving someone else's road for the rest of your career,  instead you are creating the road, planting trees and flowers along the way.

This idea is for a small business - one you have been mulling over for quite some time, while you face the day-to-day challenges of working for someone else and managing your own home life. 

You daydream about this idea taking shape, setting up the systems and processes, launching a website, filling orders, meeting with clients, creating a stream of income that eases the financial burden on your life and gives you the ability to own your schedule, work when and where you want and with whom you want. This daydream brings you joy.

When you allow yourself to dream about this idea, the one for your own business, you get caught up in the fun and excitement...

But...Then you start hearing the voices telling you

  • It's not a good financial move to start a business

  • You don't have enough skills

  • You don't know where to start

  • You've never been good at finishing projects

  • The market is saturated

  • You don't have the time

  • You don't have the resources

  • Your friends laugh at your idea, your partner doesn't support it, your parents tell you all the things that could go wrong

So you just give up, before you even start.  You don't do anything.  That dream just simmers on the back burner.


You continue to show up at your job, day in and day out, like the dedicated employee you are. You get the annual merit increase and the three weeks of paid time off. You schedule your personal appointments carefully so as not to interrupt that flow at work. 

Everyone is happy you didn't make a decision "you will regret".  

Everyone except you. You can't stop thinking about it. "What if..." fills your mind. You scroll social media and you wish you could be doing what everyone else seems to be doing. Your idea for that little business is the stuff daydreams are made of. 

WAKE UP! When did you stop daydreaming?

What if I told you that you DO have the knowledge, skills, creativity, work ethic, and courage that it takes to

start or scale a business.

What if I told you that the truest support you need lives inside your own mind? 

Are you ready to train yourself to clear the mind clutter and start taking action on building something of your own?

We will work together to go from confusion and chaos to creating a blueprint that will leave you inspired, move you into action, and create results that simply daydreaming won't give you.


You must be-

  • Smart

  • Committed

  • Hardworking

  • Goal-oriented

  • Fearless

  • Over the idea of living for everyone else

You have ideas, goals, and dreams, but you aren't turning them into action.

Here you sit. Your heart is on fire, but your feet aren't moving.

You need support, guidance, and someone who just gets it.

This is where I come in. 

Working through the mindset of starting or scaling your business requires an open heart and the ability to take action on the things that scare you the most. Courage. You must have courage. I have the training, experience, tools, and the ability to sit with you as you work through a process that will change your life. 

The process:

  • Understanding your goal

  • Recognizing your values and how they influence you

  • Discovering what your motivational driver is

  • Re-framing the stories that have shaped your belief system

  • Using accountability

  • Massive celebration all the way through

What Mind Your Business Includes:

6 months of 1:1 private coaching

12, 75-minute sessions

2, half-day storming sessions where you and I will uncover your biggest dreams and start mapping out the plan to achieve them

Mind Your Business workbook that helps you stay connected to your dream between sessions

Energetic Response Assessment

Unlimited email support

Additional resources - books, podcasts, meditations, and more, curated specifically for you.

Connect with me and let's chat about what you want and what is keeping you from doing anything about it.

All that stands between you and your own business is Your Own Mind.

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