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Welcome to Salt & Crow

I am so excited to announce my new business, Salt & Crow. Currently offering Tarot readings, both full and bite-size, along with seasonal classes, and Salt & Sage Tiny Rituals - a subscription box that helps you connect with a deeper part of yourself.

Salt & Sage Tiny Rituals was born on an Autumn evening on the Oregon Coast. I sat down with a couple of women to do short Tarot readings and as the evening progressed the two original recipients of the readings turned into three, then 6, until I had done short readings for 10 women.  These women asked for more, specifically rituals around creating connection and grounding in their lives. They wanted tools, guidance, and support.  I had an offer out to them within a week; a 4-season subscription box that included intentionally curated tools that would help anyone begin to put together their own rituals.

Not long after the flicker became a flame. I started reading for more people and knew it was time to begin to offer full tarot readings on a wider scale. This is how Salt & Crow came to be. During a coaching session with my brilliant coach and mentor, Andrea Leda, helped me unleash something that I had kept hidden for so long inside me. We put together an outline of this new phase of my Dharmic work and it was set into motion.

I have worked with Tarot for years and the deeper I went, the more I trusted my intuition and innate gifts. I do not know if I will ever know everything Tarot has to offer, but I know I will never stop trying to learn, offer deeper meaning to my clients, and integrate the crone wisdom I possess.  

If you have an interest in Tarot, but aren't quite ready for a full reading yet, subscribe to Caffeinated Tarot a weekly reading delivered directly to your inbox. This is my gift of gratitude to my community and is free.

When we learn to trust our inner voice and believe deeply in the work we are here to do - the fire comes alive.  I look forward to connecting with you.



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