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Connection Conversation

You are ready! Ready to dive in and create massive (or not so massive) change in your life. You have recognized that what got you HERE will not get you THERE! You know you need some assistance, but you just aren't sure what that assistance looks, sounds, or even feels like.  Everyone you know has a "coach". You see the word "coach" every time you scroll through Facebook or Instagram. Even your inbox might be full of people offering to "coach" you. 

Your curiosity is growing! (YAY! I LOVE CURIOUS PEOPLE! I'm a curious person too!) Maybe a coach is exactly what has been missing in your life. 


Do you buy a car without test driving it first? Buy a pair of jeans without trying them on? Schedule surgery without first having a consultation with a licensed medical practitioner? Highly unlikely on all but 2 counts. 

Here's the risk - buying a car without a test drive, simply because you liked the color and saw the lifestyle commercial is tempting but will result in you getting a sexy, sleek, 2-door coupe, that corners like a dream, and that has all the storage of a lunch box. What you really needed was a 4-wheel drive truck because you live on a farm, haul hay, and have 3 dogs.  And forget about showing up for some sort of procedure, done under anesthesia without first having at least met your doctor to determine that you want your gall bladder out, not your left leg removed.

I get it. Both of these scenarios are pretty extreme, but let's look at that other one: Buying a pair of jeans because they looked cute on the model on the website - and they are on sale - and there is an additional 30% off TODAY ONLY! So you order because FOMO is real!

STOP! Take a beat.  Trust me here.

Friend, we have both been to that rodeo. We bought those jeans without trying them on and then when they arrived on our doorstep or we brought them home from the store, turns out - NOT SO MUCH. They were too short, they were too tight, they were too baggy in all the wrong spots, whatever. So you toss them back in the bag or stuff them back into the return envelope and swear you will return them promptly. Even if you do and you get a credit to your card, you still don't have jeans that fit (the goal) and you have wasted time (a precious non-renewable resource). That killer deal just wasn't!

Next time you vow to take the extra few minutes and try those jeans on - in the store. 



My point here is this, finding the right coach is much like finding the right pair of jeans - it is NOT one size fits all. It is what fits you.  And honestly, it's what fits me as your coach.  If you are going to invest your time, energy, trust, and yes, your hard-earned money into a coach, I want to make sure that I am the best fit for you.  


If we don't vibe energetically if your goals aren't in my wheelhouse - to the point that I think I can help you move to the next phase or level - then coaching with me isn't in your highest interest. 




I provide all new clients with a 75-minute FREE connection conversation call. This is a

no-stress way of figuring out if the fit will be good.  During our hour together we are going to probably touch on at least 4 of these things:


  • What your goal or desired outcome is.

  • Why now.

  • What are your guiding values?

  • Are you ready to work? (aka - your commitment level)

  • What your time frame is (some goals and forward momentum take longer than others).

  • Is coaching right for you, or would other professional services be a better fit?

  • How would you like to be coached? In other words, do you want your hand held, do you want a drill instructor, mostly how do you want to be held accountable?

  • What my coaching style is like.

  • What my background is.

  • And we are going to have a short, but honest conversation about what coaching is and isn't.  ***Spoiler Alert! Coaching isn't about me doing the work - it IS about YOU doing the work.

  • Of course, I will answer any questions you have.

  • Next steps or course of action.​

If this speaks to you and you are ready to schedule that call, Click Here. Let's have a painless conversation that may cause the cloud of confusion to start clearing away.

Grab your curiosity and let's get started on a cool adventure!

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