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the true pillars

Pillars are simply compass points that help guide you on the way to your True Nature. Over a 6 or 12-month period, we will explore your life’s landscape, going off the path, and visiting what is waiting for you.

These pillars will help illuminate the way.

Tend Your True Roots

We start the pilgrimage by unearthing your stories, beliefs, and values that are informing your life today. We tend to these roots using empathy and compassion as a lens to discover more about who you are and what made you this way.

Trust Your True Calling

The Voice and the message are getting louder and a bit more clear. You are on your way to You. Hints have been dropped all throughout your life of your purpose in this lifetime. Have you been listening? It’s time to name and claim your True Calling.

Celebrate Your True Wild

You’ve met Her. You’ve befriended Her. You’ve created a foundation of True Trust, True Belief, and True Knowing. Now it’s time for True Surrender. This is your Life. You design it. Choice by choice.  We will look back at the ground you have covered. What has changed? What lingers? How are you different? How are you still changing?

Nurture Your True Heart

What are your deepest desires, your hope and dreams. What permission slips do you need to write for yourself.  We wil wander through the garden of True Gratitude and test the soil. What nutrients are you already adding to your garden, what nutrients are missing.

Build Your True Home

We have surveyed the land and prepared the soil, now you are ready to build your True Home. This is the Home of your Soul.  You will be using your rebellious agency and trusting it implicitly. Tapping into your True Voice, we lay the foundation, build the walls, choose the paint, and open the front door, stepping over the threshold.

Imagine Your True Future

Now that you have forged a new path; the true path home, what's next? Wrapping up 6-months of deep exploration and connection to our true wild can leave us with more questions. This conversation will help you determine your own "next". What still needs some compassionate tending to? Where do you go next? What practices need to be put into place in order to ensure your Wild is fed and nurtured?

Kind words

Ceramic Vase
Julie is intuitive, empathetic, and thorough in her approach. She has allowed me to define my priorities and better organize my headspace, both personal and professional, with passion and authenticity. If you are lucky enough to be part of her client book, you will forever be grateful to have found the truest friend and coach you never thought you needed  ~ Layla M.
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