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Who could you be if you explored

rebellious agency

When I talk with women about the idea of rebellious agency I am often met with curious hesitancy. They want to try on the idea of being a rebel but don't want to inconvenience or bother anyone by actually embracing and taking action on it. 

Rebellious agency, the kind I practice is making choices based on desire and dreams. It's less about breaking the rules and more about understanding that we have choices available to us as individuals. Rebellious agency speaks to the part of us that looks at the options and says, "...and now I will do what is best for me."

Rebellious agency can look like:

  • Embracing being single in a society that will tell you that there must be something wrong with you if you don't have a partner.

  • Leaving a job slowly draining you of your life force even though you are told: "You should just be grateful to have a job."

  • Proudly owning your age and earned wisdom, even though society likes to put women over 40 out to pasture.

Rebellious agency can be big or small acts of self-love. To engage in this exercise of divine choice is to give a younger version of yourself a warm, safe, I got you hug.

What could rebellious agency look like in your life?

"I am not the whiskey you want,

                   I am the water you need."

Rupi Kaur

My Clients

 Together, let's explore the ideas of...

full agency

personal power

self actualization


hi, i'm julie!


30 years in corporate America as a manager, leader, trainer, and coach, has given me a suitcase full of experiences to pull from.  I use intuition, common sense, and a deep curiosity about what makes people tick to help women like you, like me, get out of that place of "who the hell am I?" and into a place of "let me tell you exactly who I am!"

I am a facilitator of rebellious agency and I work with women who are in relentless pursuit of their true nature. Together we will unearth the power of who you are becoming.

i'm so excited!

are you ready?

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