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What choice can you make today that will

impact your tomorrow?

I believe deeply in the power of one.  Just one thought, idea, question, or action can change a life's course.  For me, it all started with a single question. When I sat with that question, I knew I had unearthed a long-dormant power.  And when I recognized that power, I knew I could change the course of my life.  My thoughts, ideas, questions, and actions came from a deeper place - a place of innate knowing. A place I learned to trust.


That knowing was a Sage.


That Sage was me.

The real me.

The one I had been waiting for.

The one I was destined to become.


And it all started with one. One question:


Is this all there is?

"You've had the power all along, my dear. You just had to learn it yourself"

Glinda the Good Witch

My Clients

 Together, let's explore the ideas of...

full agency

personal power

self fulfillment


hi, i'm julie!


30 years in corporate America as a manager, leader, trainer, and coach, has given me a suitcase full of experiences to pull from.  I use intuition, common sense, and a deep curiosity about what makes people tick to help women like you, like me, get out of that place of "who the hell am I?" and into a place of "let me tell you exactly who I am!"

I am a facilitator of rebellious agency and I work with women who are in relentless pursuit of their true nature. Together we will unearth the power of who you are becoming.

i'm so excited!

are you ready?

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