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your money-mind

A small group program where we uncover the money stories that have become a part of our life's DNA.  Money impacts every aspect of our lives, whether we have it or not. It influences everything from where we live, to the jobs we do, to the education we get, to our social interactions, and beyond.

We will be sharing our money stories in a very sacred container, holding space for one another in a soul-centered discussion on this taboo topic. Checking judgment at the door we shine a light into the dark corners of our own beliefs and come out the other side with a fresh perspective.

We will:

Explore money stories and understand how they shape us.

Develop a healthy, and even fun, exciting new relationship with money and the energy around it.

Understand that we are inherently worthy of achieving our goals and dreams.

Learn to let go of perceived blocks that keep us feeling "stuck".

Learn to have healthy and honest conversations about money with ourselves, our partners, and anyone else who plays a part in our lives.

This group will not:

Offer financial advice of any kind, including debt repayment, budgeting, etc.

Teach you how to invest.

I am not a financial planner or accountant. I am, however, a woman who had a complicated and unhealthy relationship with money and it impacted every aspect of my life. It defined how I perceived myself and left me feeling less than; unworthy in relationships, careers, my home, and even my parenting style. It impacted my physical, mental, and emotional health. 

Once I began getting very honest with my thoughts and beliefs about money, I was able to recognize that I had the ability to rewrite every unhealthy habit and belief I held. This did not happen overnight. With consistent attention to money, how I created it, how I received it, and how I spent or held on to it, I was able to understand the agency I have over it.

For so long every decision I made was based on fear and scarcity. This is not a sustainable approach to living. I no longer have to process my decisions through a painful and fearful inner dialogue. Instead, I am able to make decisions that support my North Star Value of freedom

In almost every client session I have held over the years, as well as in casual conversations I have had with women in my life, money comes up often. It is met with shame, guilt, fear, regret, worry, heartbreak, confusion, and more. I knew that I was not alone in my struggle with how money had such a hold over me.  


I know that we need to talk about money - openly, vulnerably, honestly, and without fear of judgment, if we are to enact full agency in our lives.  It was during a conversation with 2 dear friends, both of whom have their own diverse stories, that the seed was planted for this group. But who am I, I thought, to build such a space? I have no credentials, degrees, or certifications to offer people. It's true. I don't. But what I do have is a new story. One that I hope will help another woman realize she is more than the number in her bank account or her credit score. She is worthy of massive abundance (whatever that means to her) and can rewrite the story to suit a new narrative.

Whatever your story might be, it is my hope that you find a safe place here. 


This 3-month group program will consist of the following:

We will meet twice a month for 90 minutes for 3 consecutive months

Three - 60-minute, one-on-one private sessions to be scheduled during the program dates.

Journal prompts and exercises to provide support between meetings

Suggested - but not required - reading

Please email me for additional details.

I will be offering an in-person group for clients in the Portland/Vancouver area. I will also have a virtual group (zoom) for those outside the area, or who might be unable to travel. 

Please note:

Due to the highly personal nature of this program, I am requiring an application be submitted prior to enrollment. If you are selected we will have a 30-minute pre-screening phone conversation to ensure this is the right program for you.  

It is my intention to protect all participants in a safe container so that we can share fully our stories and begin to heal our stories.

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